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Get to Know Us

Better Bhutan is a division of a nighteen-year-old boutique tour company with operations in ten countries, including Bhutan. We have been sending our guests to Bhutan for nearly a decade. We eventually came to the conclusion that Bhutan could be offered differently and better, and that this remarkable destination deserves its own website.

Guest services, including reservations, are handled through our headquarters office in Bangkok by professionals with first-hand experience with Bhutan so our Bhutan team can concentrate on operational excellence. Our focus is on customer service and the quality of every guest's experience. Unlike most other companies offering Bhutan, we have our own operations staff and guides in the Kingdom.

Why we are different

Our philosophy is that you should not have to make sacrifices to visit Bhutan. We hand-pick the hotels we use. We do not subject our guests to horrors of the "bus tour hotel buffet" unless there are absolutely no other option. All of our tours are private, and we hand-pick our guides as carefully as we choose our hotels. We have our own license to operate in Bhutan, so we do not have to use a local company. This gives us complete control over the quality of your experience. Our prices are an average of only six percent higher than companies that use the cheapest hotels and meals. We think our approach to quality is worth far more than we charge.

Working with us

Working with us is easy and personalized. Our company was originally founded as an online B to C custom tour provider so we are skilled at working with people at a distance. Email is read by a knowledgeable human being and answered as immediately as possible, even outside of our office hours. We try to be as personal as possible so that your are comfortable with us and so that we get to know enough about you to make your experience as unique as possible. We will ask about your personal interests, health issues, dietary requirements or anything else that we need to know to provide good service and a comfortable and memorable experience. Please feel free to give us this information when you first contact us, and also tell us your age(s) and any other information you think is relevant. We also need to know approximately when you plan to travel unless you have chosen dates already. We do not share any of your details with anyone outside of our organization, except for what is required to issue your visas. We are quite experienced in dealing with guests who are in the public eye, so we guard the privacy of all of our guests.

How to get started

If you have a question, need more information, or want to begin the process of planning your own personal Bhutan adventure with us, it only takes an email. We do not need you to fill out an online form. We would rather begin a conversation and get to know each other.

Just like your accountant, lawyer, physician, personal trainer, marriage counselor, interior designer or architect, we are professionals with many years of experience. We prefer to spend our time focusing on the needs of customers who have already chosen to put their travel arrangements in our hands, and who also expect prompt and efficient service. We can normally tell when a potential client is serious after three email exchanges. After that we may charge a fee for our time that can be applied to the cost of arrangements you ultimately decide to make with us.

The Process

Once we have an itinerary you are happy with and you have indicated which hotels you prefer (although you can let us choose for you, which might be necessary during peak periods anyway), we will send you a detailed program along with instructions on how to proceed to finalize your reservations.

If you are planning to travel more than sixty days in the future we will ask for a deposit, with the remaining balance due 30 to 45 days before your trip. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express through a secure online payment gateway. We also accept Paypal. We can also provide bank details if is easier for you to transfer funds.

Before your trip begins you will receive a detailed final confirmation with contact details for each of your hotels, for our office in Thimphu,and your local guide to leave at home in case someone needs to contact you.

Ultimately, all you have to do is arrive at Paro Airport (or show up at the airport in Delhi, Bangkok, Kolkata, Dahka or Singapore if you want us to handle your flights, as most of our guests do). By then, every detail will have already been taken care of so that you do not need to spend your time worrying about details. We do that for you.

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