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Next, we need your photos

Thank you for providing the information we need to create a page profile page for your property. We have already created your page but we need photos before we an publish it.

We need eight to ten color photos, high resolution at lest 1000 px width. From those we will choose three to six photos that best represent your property. We cannot use photos that have time or date stamps or embedded text and we cannot publish your profile until we have suitable images. You have several options to get photos to us:

1.  If have a photo library online please send us the address.

2. Otherwise, send them by email attachment to: .

3. If you use DropBox , that's even better. Our Dropbox account is " " Dropbox is a free service that lets you take all your photos, documents and videos anywhere. Any file yousave to your Dropbox can be opened and used automatically on all your computers and portable devices. Since photos are sometimes too large to send by email, Dropbox is also one of the easiest ways to share photos and other large files with someone else. With Dropbox you can share photos with us instantly with just a couple of clicks. To download Dropbox go [ HERE ]. Oh, the best part is that it is free!

If you would like to add a Founding Member badge to your website just click on the image below to copy the code to paste into your web page. You can use it on an "about us" or "contact" page, or on your reciprocal links page. Let us know where you put it so we can add a link back to your website so it's a Win-Win opportunity.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have if you contact us at the email address above. Thanks again for becoming a part of!

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