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How Much Does a Bhutan Tour Cost?

Low Season:
January, February, June through August
High Season:
March through May and September through November

Prices shown are based on the government-established minimum prices. For fewer than three people are traveling together there is a "small group" surcharge of $30 per night for each of two people or $40 per night for one person, plus a single supplement of $25 per night. We do not charge an extra fee for credit card payments.

Prices include all hotels, all transportation with a private car/van and driver, all meals, tea stops on long drives, admission prices, a carefully-chosen private English-speaking guide, and Bhutan visa. Not included: other beverages, airfares, gratuities, or items of a strictly personal nature.

With few exceptions, these prices apply to itineraries using the "Better" Hotels in our hotel collection, although surcharges sometimes apply over festival periods and during other periods of high occupancy. "Even Better Hotels" and "Our Most Extraordinary Hotels" are available at a nominal surcharge. Farmhouse stays in Paro and Haa Valley are also available at no additional charge. Please keep in mind that farmhouse accommodations are rustic and basic. We will quote the exact price to you once we check availability for the dates you want to travel.

"Single" means one person traveling alone. "Each of two" means cost for each of two people sharing one room. If two people traveling together want separate rooms a single supplement applies to both rooms. Most hotels in Bhutan cannot accommodate a third person in a room except for one small child. So if three people are traveling together one or all three will be in single rooms and a single supplement will apply to each single room. We will do the math for you.

Payment is required in US dollars. Pound and Euro prices shown are approximate and are subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.


  Four Days/Three Nights
  Low Season
Each of 3+ 654619524
Each of 2 773732620
Single 875829701
  High Season
Each of 3+ 805763645
Each of 2 932882746
Single 1,039984832
  Seven Days/Six Nights
  Low Season
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
Each of 3+ 1,2931,2241,036
Each of 2 1,4821,4031,187
Single 1,6961,6061,359
  High Season
Each of 3+ 1,5361,4801,252
Each of 2 1,7941,6991,438
Single 2,0091,9021,609
  Eight Days/Seven Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
Each of 3+ 1,4941,4381,216
Each of 2 1,7471,6541,415
Single 2,0041,8971,630
  High Season
Each of 3+ 1,8791,7801,506
Each of 2 2,1262,0141,703
Single 2,3762,2501,904
  Nine Days/Eight Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
Each of 3+ 1,6991,6091,361
Each of 2 1,9891,8841,601
Single 2,2822,1611,856
  High Season
Each of 3+ 2,1412,2071,717
>Each of 2 2,4232,2941,941
>Single 2,7082,5642,170
  Ten Days/Nine Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
>Each of 3+ 1,8871,7871,511
>Each of 2 2,2402,1221,765
>Single 2,5992,4262,083
  High Season
>Each of 3+ 2,3722,2221,900
>Each of 2 2,6992,5712,161
>Single 3,0202,9112,420
  Eleven Days/Ten Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
>Each of 3+ 2,1331,9801,676
>Each of 2 2,4842,5321,990
>Single 2,8822,7292,309
  High Season
>Each of 3+ 2,6012,5012,084
>Each of 2 3,0112,8512,413
>Single 3,4103,2292,732
  Twelve Days/Eleven Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
>Each of 3+ 2,2952,1731,839
Each of 2 2,7262,5812,184
>Single 3,1652,9972,536
  High Season
>Each of 3+ 2,8552,7042,288
>Each of 2 3,3073,1312,650
>Single 3,7453,5473,001
  Thirteen Days/Twelve Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
>Each of 3+ 2,5272,3931,984
Each of 2 2,9712,8132,358
>Single 3,3773,1982,738
 High Season
>Each of 3+ 2,9402,7942,455
>Each of 2 3,5713,2752,771
>Single 4,0453,7983,150
  Fifteen Days/Fourteen Nights
  US DollarsPounds *Euros *
  Low Season
>Each of 3+ 2,8802,7272,355
>Each of 2 3,4243,2432,771
>Single 3,9783,7673,115
  High Season
>Each of 3+ 3,6793,3972,948
>Each of 2 4,2033,9373,368
>Single 4,6714,4613,742

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